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Central Insurance School Courses in Hawaii

The following are courses approved for your state.

Please call Central Insurance School at (727) 540-0005 for current offerings, or
continue to check our website as new classes are released to the website on a daily basis.

Online Courses in Hawaii

Online courses in Hawaii require a proctored examination at the end of the course.  The examination must be proctored by a disinterested third-party with no family or financial ties to the examinee, who is not in a direct line of supervision with the examinee, and who must sign an affidavit that the exam was taken without outside assistance.

Proctors, for your list of instructions, click here.

All of our online courses are approved by the Hawaii State Insurance Commissioner for continuing education credit.  No special software is required to participate in Central Insurance School online courses.

Online courses are available immediately upon registration and payment.  Access to online courses expires 90 days after registration.

Note: Hawaii does not allow credit for the same course taken more than once in a renewal period.

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